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Hi everybody and thanks for coming to this blog.  I have a background in environmental science, media production and teaching, thus the blog.

Kerris farmers started as a piece for television which was to feature two friends of mine from Brighton who moved into a hamlet of farmers. I wanted to intercut their attempts to grow their own food and keep chickens with the lives and work of the surrounding farmers.

As I spent more time with the farmers I decided to focus more on their culture and way of life as it seemed to be very much under threat. Particularly Alan the beef farmer was sceptical about anyone wanting to hear more moaning farmers but hopefully the film shows that these are inteligent people who have dedicated their lives to food production and their views are important. Their future is increasingly a central issue, with climate change and peak oil dominating the horizon we must think how sustainable our agricultural systems are, that includes the farming culture as much as anything else.

So this is a study of culture and to that extent the process is designed to let people speak for themselves though I hope to be able to make more content that informs a developing debate. I would like to find collaborators and funders as the site develops. Hopefully those running alternative projects and working in the field of raising awareness will want to use the site to share experiences and information. I think that a site redisign may be necessary as the blog presents the material in a linear fashion whereas I think nodes of interest may be more usefull.

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